epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage
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epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage

Benefits of Polished Concrete


Polished concrete has become a common type of flooring used in homes all around the world. The surface is very low-maintenance and if treated properly can last for years, even in areas with heavy foot traffic. While it has many benefits, one of the most important ones to take into account is the fact that it is a great flooring choice for people with allergies.


There are many other benefits to using polished concrete as the flooring for your home, some of them being:


Resists abrasions
Low Maintenance
Resists spills, making it easy to clean
Only needs to be refinished every 5-10 years

Environmentally Friendly

Doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC) like most concrete coatings do

Reflects light and heat to reduce energy consumption

Aesthetically Pleasing

Expensive and elegant looking finish

Available in a wide variety of colours and designs

Mimics stone


For a more complete list of the benefits of using polished concrete in your home click here.


In this day and age allergies have become much more common, so common that most businesses have made it part of their protocol to ask incoming clients/employees whether they have any. Ensuring that your own homes is safe for yourself and your loved ones can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, there is an easy step to protecting your loved ones: installing a polished concrete floor in your basement. They protect people who have allergies because they do not trap:

Dust Mites


Most basements are prone to attracting all of the above. This type of flooring has this capability because it is not porous, like most floors, which means that nothing can get inside of the concrete. Therefore, polished concrete floors are also great for protecting people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory issues.


Concrete itself is a porous material but it’s the process that it goes through to become polished concrete that makes it non-porous. This involves using specific floor polishers that are fitted with diamond embedded abrasive disks. These are used to grind down the surface of the concrete until it reaches the desired level of smoothness and shine. Once this is finished, the concrete is then sealed with a protective covering, ensuring that no mites or mold will be able to get into the concrete floor.


If you are concerned about the well-being and health of yourself or your family then you should look into installing a polished concrete floor. Click the contact us button below to get a free estimate on your new flooring!







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