Blog - epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage Blog - epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage
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Blog - epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage Blog - epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage

Stamped concrete can sometimes fail for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, it ruins the look of the entire patio, driveway or walkways. 


Limited options are available for a new and durable surface. 


Grinding the surface smooth and polishing up to a 400 diamond finish is a beautiful limited maintenance remedy. 

Choosing a densifer, urethane or a polyaspartic top coat, the concrete will be revitalized for many more years of use.


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Why use Garage Enhancements Ltd.


If you’re looking to turn your garage space into a practical, unique, and comfortable part of your house then you need a company that you can rely on and trust to carry you through this renovation. Garage Enhancements offers a customer-focused approach that will undoubtedly make sure all of your dreams for your garage will be fully realized.




Garage Enhancements offers professional garage remodeling that are customized to meet your specific needs. Our professionals use quality products, superior installation services, and customer consultation to help create a garage with visual appeal and that is a practical, user-friendly addition to your home.


On top of offering great customer service, we also offer a multitude of other services that are sure to meet all of your expectations for your garage renovation. Some of our services are:

Innovative concrete coatings

Polyaspartic (indoor and outdoor)
High polished concrete stains
Acyrlic Flakes
old concrete renewal for residential concrete areas (for commercial, and industrial concrete areas visit the website for Enhanced Concrete Coatings)

State of the art custom cabinet options
Wall finishing accessories

Other great reasons to work with us are:


Limited Lifetime Guarantee

As long as you own the home you are renovating, you automatically get a lifetime warranty for any of the work we do. This means that any damage repair will be free. How can we do this? Because we believe in our products and our quality of work so much that we are willing to stand behind them with fervour.


Quality of Work

Since we promise a limited lifetime guarantee on any of the work that we do, that means we have to have an extremely high quality of work. Our professionals take extreme care to make sure that the job is done right the first time and to the best of their abilities.


Commercial Quality

The products and methods we use for residential renovations are the exact same as the ones we use for our commercial customers. This means that you're getting commercial level quality for the price of a residential renovation.



Not only do we provide great work and care from our professionals, but we also provide high quality products for a very reasonable price that you'd have a hard time finding anywhere else.


Great Service

Here are Garage Enhancements we are extremely customer driven. We take great pride in providing excellent customer service and consultations. We have over five years of experience and have done a large number of garage renovations during that time. Because of this we can confidently guarantee that our service will do far more than meet the bare minimum of your expectations.


If you’re a homeowner that values high quality work, cleanliness, and organization then Garage Enhancements is the right company to walk you through your garage renovation. However, if you’re hesitant about whether Garage Enhancements is the company for you, please sign up for our free estimate for a chance to see what working with us will be like.






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Why is salt corroding my concrete



If you live in Canada, dealing with snow and concrete de-icers in the winter can feel like a necessary and annoying evil. De-icers like rock salt can wreak havoc on your cars, your clothes, and even the concrete you walk on. While the frustrations of salt seem far away there are steps you can take during this summer season to protect your driveway in the winter.



How Salt Causes Damage to Concrete


There are three main ways that salt ruins concrete:

Melts and Freezes the Ice

Salt only melts snow and ice, it does not get rid of them
As they melt, the snow/ice mixes with the de-icer forming salt water
This salt water has a lower freezing temperature and therefore seeps into the porous concrete
As temperatures drop the salt water eventually freezes in the concrete causing it to expand, creating:


Crystallization and Subflorescence

As the moisture evaporates from the concrete the salt remains in its cracksEventually the salt recrystallizes in the pores of the concrete causing:

This process is called subflorescence

Rebar Metal

Salt corrodes rebar metalIf rebar metal is present in concrete the salt will corrode and rust it
The rust will create pressure on the surrounding concrete causing:


As the concrete gets more cracks it becomes more susceptible to salt, which makes it break down faster

How To Protect Your Concrete From Salt Damage This Summer


An easy step you can take this summer is to get an epoxy coating on your concrete driveway.

The treatment will seep into the pores of your concrete and will harden into a glasslike seal
This will prevent saltwater from seeping into the concrete, where the real damage is done
It won't break down when its exposed to salts, cold temperatures, or spilled chemicals
Also makes shoveling snow and ice easier if your floor is exposed to the outdoor

This treatment is much easier and quicker to install during the summer when cold weather and snow won't get in the way of working outside. Taking an extra step now will save you time, money, and wasted frustration in the future!





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Basement Floor Coatings



Polished concrete and epoxy coatings have become a common type of flooring used in homes all around the world. Each surface is very low-maintenance and if treated properly can last for years, even in areas with heavy foot traffic.




Polished Concrete


Using polished concrete in your basement has many advantages. Finishing your basement will not only create more living space but it will also increase your home's resale value. Deciding to enhance your concrete basement floor is an easy and cost efficient way to help finish off your basement renovation. Some generic benefits of using polished concrete are (for a full list of the benefits of using polished concrete for your business click here


Epoxy Coatings


Epoxy coatings are another option to consider for your basement floor. It is a tough, long-lasting coating that is painted directly onto concrete that has many advantages, a few of them being:

High Class Appearance

When professionally and correctly applied, epoxy acts as a high performance coating that gives a professional look to any garage or workspace.

Moisture and Stain-Resistant

Epoxy flooring is moisture resistant, which makes it the perfect choice for basement floors that get their fair share of flooding. The finish stays fresh for years and wipes clean like a kitchen counter.

Resists Damage

This flooring is impact and abrasion resistant, which means that you can store anything on it without worrying about ruining your brand new floor. Likewise, dropped tools make no impact either, making it great for a workspace

Resurfacing Qualities

If your basement floor is cracked, stained and worn down then an epoxy coating is just what you need to resurrect it. Epoxy coatings are self-leveling and provide a smooth, polished finished that can cover up all the blemishes and failings of your current floor. It’s a great way to refresh your basement and you can even choose from a selection of colors or patterns to brighten your space up.

Concrete Preparation

Most cement floors will require a thorough diamond grind vacuum cleaning and airing before an epoxy coat is applied. However, if you choose to use Garage Enhancements to apply an epoxy coat you won’t have to worry about prepping your garage floor.

Easy to Clean

All you need to clean your epoxy coated floor is soap and water. This is because the coating is designed to resist moisture and stains, so any dirt or oil will come off extremely easily












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