Blog - epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage Blog - epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage
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Blog - epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage Blog - epoxy polished concrete stained residential floor basement garage

Consumers, architects, contractors, building landlords, maintenance people and many other professional groups over the years have been drawn to the finish, versatility and long-term cost saving of beautiful polished concrete.

 More so perhaps we have overlooked the limitations of this natural floor finish we call “Polish Concrete” True Polished concrete consists of grinding the surface of new or old concrete. Appling active chemicals that deeply penetrate the surface of the concrete. This densifier penetrates progressively through the concrete and chemically solidifies all the component parts into a homogenous penetrated concrete structure. This densifying and hardening action solidifies the concrete, eliminating dusting, rotting and pitting and helps to provide optimum stain resistance. 

Following densification, the concrete if chosen can continue to be ground up to various gloss finishes closing the surface density to an extremely closed mirror like reflection.

Is the polished concrete process suitable for everywhere?

Situation:  We have a beautiful custom-built home with in floor heat throughout. The builder, architects, and designers are looking for a beautifully finished floor, low maintenance, excellent heat transfer to the surface of the concrete at a competitive and reasonable price.


Problem:  Not all the surface areas are being used for the same condition of living. We may have the main floor, family rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, utility, bedrooms, storage, workshop, mudroom and perhaps a playroom. Are they all used with the same environment and condition? Grease in the kitchen? Urine in the washrooms, sump pumps in the utility rooms, salt in the mudroom and with paints in the workrooms.


Implication:  The wear and tear on each area will be different depending on traffic and uses. Urine in the polished washroom floor is a disaster waiting to happen beside toilets and standing urinals. The acidity from the urine splash will decay through the densifier and the concrete itself over time. Grease from cooking with permanently stain polished and densified concrete and salt spillage from your water softener will also damage your polish in the utility room. Stained and colored floors added to the polish process will also suffer the same negative effect if subject to the above environment.


Need:  Communication from the designers, general contractors, architects, and your polish contractor must be profusely honest on the reality of what to expect over the years of use in each room. Some areas will and need to be recommended for additional protection of a sealer to avoid stain penetration and acidic erosion.


Clear Coatings to protect these vulnerable areas of Polished Concrete.


polished concrete floor in a men's washroom


Protecting polished concrete is achieved in two ways.

1) Daily maintenance and additional densification frequently introduced to the concrete surface will slow down the acidity reaction.

2) grind and apply a chemical resistance epoxy, polyaspartic coating to avoid saturation of any soluable damaging material.


Professional shiny concrete floor

Ground and coated surface with a polyaspartic chemical resistant clear coat will resist urine acidity oven grease, salts, red wines, and other intrusive household chemicals and foods.


professional concrete floor in a modern showroom store


True polished concrete with a smooth slip resistant option offers an excellent heat transfer for in floor heating elements. Excellent wear and easy to maintain with a weekly/monthly maintenance process to keep its beauty.

In closing, talk to your floor polishing contractor and your builder to see what the correct option is or at least be aware of the expectations for your decisions, so no surprises arrive a few years down the road.


With a little maintenance, both finishes your floor will last for many years of enjoyment and comfort.


Be aware of what you're getting and never be afraid to ask questions. We have been in business for 13 years and built relationships through outstanding quality and remarkable service.



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“Buyer Beware"


Garage Enhancements received a call a few weeks ago from a customer suffering from buyer remorse. 


Our Client bought there first house in Waterloo (30 year old home) and got a surprise they weren’t planning on .


After a day of heavy snow fall. The customer pulled into there garage to keep the car protected from the harsh winter elements. Waking the next morning they discovered the snow melt from the car in the garage didn’t stay in the garage!


The ceiling in their finished basement was saturated and the melted salt water seeped through the concrete floor in the garage ruining the hardwood basement floor.  Garage Enhancements corrected this unfortunate situation with a waterproof membrane system from BASF. 


After grinding, filling the cracks and installing radius coves around the full garage, a two coat system was installed. 


No more leaks for the NOW happy customer.




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