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Waterproofing Garage Floors

“Buyer Beware"


Garage Enhancements received a call a few weeks ago from a customer suffering from buyer remorse. 


Our Client bought there first house in Waterloo (30 year old home) and got a surprise they weren’t planning on .


After a day of heavy snow fall. The customer pulled into there garage to keep the car protected from the harsh winter elements. Waking the next morning they discovered the snow melt from the car in the garage didn’t stay in the garage!


The ceiling in their finished basement was saturated and the melted salt water seeped through the concrete floor in the garage ruining the hardwood basement floor.  Garage Enhancements corrected this unfortunate situation with a waterproof membrane system from BASF. 


After grinding, filling the cracks and installing radius coves around the full garage, a two coat system was installed. 


No more leaks for the NOW happy customer.




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Lawrence Clark
April 9, 2019
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